The Nnamdi Chaos is Over

Asomugha sporting an
Eagles uniform
Surprises are very uncommon in the times of text messaging and twitter. This technology helps us know almost everything before it happens but the battle for elite cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha surprised us all and changed all of that, at least for a little bit. The former Oakland Raider was predicted and expected to head to New York and play opposite of Pro Bowl corner Darrelle Revis but in a matter of minutes the news went from going to the Jets to going to the Cowboys and then surprisingly agreeing to terms with the Eagles, who really were never mentioned in the bidding war. With all of that drama over now, how do the Eagles now move on with three elite cornerbacks on their roster?

The Eagles picked up young cornerback Douglas Rodgers-Cromartie earlier in the week from their recent trade of Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals. The Eagles also have veteran and Pro Bowl corner Asante Samuel on the roster. My guess is that the Eagles will trade away Samuel, 30, to get maybe another receiver or linebacker and to get rid of the 6 million due on his contract.

Many say that with the Rodgers-Cromartie move and the Asomugha pick up the Eagles could be favorites to win the Super Bowl for the upcoming season. I say this is way to bold of a statement after making just a few offseason moves, even if they are some of the biggest. Yes Michael Vick played amazing last season, but will he do that again? Yes they have a great secondary, but what about their young and inexperienced linebacking unit? I think they have some question marks going into the season that they need to figure out before they can surpass the Packers and Patriots as preseason favorites.


Free Agency

As the Lockout nears the end this could be a very frantic week in free agency. Amid all the chaos we take a look at the top Free Agents in this years' market and where they will likely be playing come September.

Asomugha is the top free agent in 2011
Nnamdi Asomugha, CB, Raiders: The Pro Bowl corner would love to be on a winning team for the upcoming season and hopefully that will happen. The shutdown corner should be leaving Oakland and the top franchises vying for him are the Texans and the Ravens. He may also remain in the bay area this season while playing for the 49ers. All three of these teams have a chance to make the playoffs and all three of these teams would love to have Asomugha. Asomugha is one of the top three cornerbacks in the league and any team in the NFL would want this guy on their team come September.

DeAngelo Williams, RB, Panthers: Williams has had a great career in Carolina and many expect him to stay there for the next few seasons with the Panthers, likely to pick up his contract once again. If not in Carolina he may head down south to Miami where an aging Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown lead the running game.

Ray Edwards, DE, Vikings: The young Defensive End has played in the shadow of Jared Allen the last few seasons but has still racked up 8 and 8 1/2 sacks in the last two seasons. Edwards,26, has potential to get double digit sacks every season and that is why he is wanted by many teams. The top team looking to pick him up will be the Seattle Seahawks, who need major improvements on their line, but Edwards may be headed down south to the Georgia Dome and the Falcons.

Rice will be a franchise receiver for anytime
Sidney Rice, WR, Vikings: Rice was a big time player in 2009 but missed most of last season with a hip injury. Many teams hope that he gets back to that 2009 form when he had over 1,300 receiving yards for the Vikings. Rice, only 24, may stay in Minnesota but other teams like Washington or St. Louis would love a young and talented receiver on their roster. There are some teams that could put more money on the table and he could be headed out of Viking country.

Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, WR, Jets: The top two receivers for the Jets are probably going to stay in New York but they maybe headed out for the right price. They both like their coach Rex Ryan, like where the franchise headed and especially like New York City, Braylon Edwards' DWI proves that. I think that teams like Washington and St. Louis would have to pay significantly more money to pry one or both of them away from NYC.

Jonathon Joesph, CB, Bengals: With the new cap room negotiation in the CBA and the likely release of Carson Palmer, the Bengals will probably have over 50 million dollars in their cap space and cant afford to lose this gem. Joesph and Leon Hall make one of, if not the best, cornerback tandem in the NFL. If the Bengals want to get back to winning they will need to keep Joesph in a Bengals uniform.

Paul Posluszny, LB, Bills: Posluszny was the leader on defense for a pitiful Bills team last season. This may not say much but he ranked in the Top 5 in the NFL for tackles last season, 151, and this makes him a rising defensive star. The former Nittany Lion is the best linebacker in free agency and many teams are interested. Despite many teams being interested in Posluszny I see him staying up in Buffalo and the Bills likely signing him to a long term contract.

Carolina hopes to keep their star DE
Charles Johnson, DE, Panthers: Johnson emerged as a star for the Panthers last season after Julius Peppers left for Chicago. He had a breakout season that included a career high 11.5 sacks to lead the team. Many people think that this may have been a fluke season but he has the potential to get double digit sacks year in and year out. The Panthers would love the young Defensive End to stay in Charlotte, especially after losing Peppers last season, but he may be headed else where... Atlanta or Cleveland.

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Giants: The 200 pound work horse for the Giants last season racked up over 1200 rushing yards and raised some eyebrows. He had some trouble throughout the season with fumbling but he improved at the end of last season. Reports say that it is between the Giants and the Dolphins right now but many expect he will continue playing at the New Meadowlands Stadium on Sundays this season.


Is A Deal Close?

Reports stated that on Thursday the NFL and the NFLPA came to an agreement on rookie salaries, which was said to be the hardest part of the negotiations. Does the settling of this huge obstacle give us hope that the lockout will be lifted soon?

The NFL and the players have been struggling since the beginning of this lockout. Peyton Manning needs medical attention that the Colts wont pay for, many players have been getting in trouble (Kenny Britt, Pacman Jones, Hines Ward) and some have been blatantly calling out the commissioner and teammates (James Harrison.) These players need football, and our country needs their to be NFL Football come August. Business wise: this is a multi-billion dollar business and in a struggling economy the players and the country need this economic boost from the NFL. Social wise: people meet in bars, family gatherings, at the stadium, and in garages listening or watching the game every week and it helps us grow together. Some of our best friends are our "football buds."

Several owners, even Jerry Jones, have been spending late nights up trying to resolve this embarrassing situation. Roger Goodell has been working non stop on is $1 salary to reach an agreement, I mean if I was on a $1 dollar salary I probably wouldn't be working every day.

We as fans need to stop hearing "close" "soon" "almost" and hear "done" and "finished" so we can start up the 2011-2012 NFL season.


2010-2011 All Pro Team

As we are just a few day away from the Super Bowl and the end of the 2010-2011 NFL football season I give you my All Pro team...
QB: Tom Brady (Patriots)
RB: Arian Foster (Texans)
RB: Jamal Charles (Chiefs)
FB: Vonta Leach (Texans)
WR: Roddy White (Falcons)
WR: Brandon Llyod (Chargers)
TE: Jason Witten (Cowboys)
OT: Jake Long (Dolphins)
OT: Joe Thomas (Browns)
OG: Kris Dielman (Chargers)
OG: Logan Mankins (Patriots)
C: Nick Mangold (Jets)

DE: Julius Peppers (Bears)
DT: Haloti Ngata (Ravens)
DT: Ndamukong Sug (Lions)
DE: John Abraham (Falcons)
OLB: DeMarcus Ware (Cowboys)
ILB: Jared Mayo (Patriots)
ILB: Patrick Willis (49ers)
OLB: Clay Matthews (Packers)
CB: Darrelle Revis (Jets)
CB: Nnamdi Asomuha (Raiders)
S: Ed Reed (Ravens)
S: Troy Polamalu (Steelers)

KR/PR: Devin Hester (Bears)
K: Sebastian Janikowski (Raiders)
P: Shane Lechler (Raiders)
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