Is A Deal Close?

Reports stated that on Thursday the NFL and the NFLPA came to an agreement on rookie salaries, which was said to be the hardest part of the negotiations. Does the settling of this huge obstacle give us hope that the lockout will be lifted soon?

The NFL and the players have been struggling since the beginning of this lockout. Peyton Manning needs medical attention that the Colts wont pay for, many players have been getting in trouble (Kenny Britt, Pacman Jones, Hines Ward) and some have been blatantly calling out the commissioner and teammates (James Harrison.) These players need football, and our country needs their to be NFL Football come August. Business wise: this is a multi-billion dollar business and in a struggling economy the players and the country need this economic boost from the NFL. Social wise: people meet in bars, family gatherings, at the stadium, and in garages listening or watching the game every week and it helps us grow together. Some of our best friends are our "football buds."

Several owners, even Jerry Jones, have been spending late nights up trying to resolve this embarrassing situation. Roger Goodell has been working non stop on is $1 salary to reach an agreement, I mean if I was on a $1 dollar salary I probably wouldn't be working every day.

We as fans need to stop hearing "close" "soon" "almost" and hear "done" and "finished" so we can start up the 2011-2012 NFL season.

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